Private equity investors have existed for decades, because they have pursued investment approaches that corporate buyers either could not pursue or were not willing to pursue.

Those investment approaches have grown and developed over the decades that private equity has flourished.

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Today, most private equity investors are focused on working with management teams to maximize the value of their companies.  The questions for sellers and management teams are:

  • Can the management team form a trust-based partnership with the private equity investor?
  • Can the private equity investor really help the company achieve more than it would have absent the private equity investor’s involvement?  Is the private equity investor the “natural” investor in THIS business?
  • Can the seller trust the private equity investor to act with integrity and candor during the intensive and stressful investment process?

Sodales Partners and its affiliated resources offer the intelligence, knowledge, and trustworthiness to help you achieve your business mission and maximize the value of your business.

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Sodales Partners seeks investments only in those businesses for which it is the “natural” investor.  We can only be successful if we can add more value to the company than other potential investors.

Sodales Partners believes in building a reputation for the long term.  Life is long.  People have long memories.  In every interaction, we act with honor and integrity, and we seek to leave a positive and lasting impression on every person with whom we interact.

We are building the strongest reputation in the private equity industry, one interaction at a time.  Our goal is to be sought out for our value added, our judgment, our expertise, our integrity, and the partnerships we build with management.  These are the key elements of the Sodales® approach.

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