Our Mission

We will be management’s ally on its journey to achieve its mission.  Fulfilling management’s mission will also maximize the company’s revenue growth, profitability, and capital efficiency.  We bring knowledgeable and passionate resources to bear to help management enhance the value of its business, accelerating its success.

Our Focus

We make majority equity investments in middle market and lower middle market manufacturing and industrial service companies headquartered in the United States or Canada. We are experienced with global manufacturing, sales, and service organizations. We have the knowledge and resources to assist these businesses.

How We Do It

We have a unique ability to identify opportunities and add value to companies.

  • Extensive background in analyzing and understanding industrial businesses and strategies; we understand the key levers that will help a business accomplish its mission.
  • Expertise in refining a business’ strategy, identifying key initiatives, and driving implementation.
  • We are not day-to-day managers.

Our established relationships provide key competencies.

  • Long-established relationships with expertise in industrial sales and marketing, policy deployment, operational effectiveness, and Asia strategies.
  • Utilize our network to identify outside Board members with relevant experience and expertise.

This is the the Sodales® approach.


  • Our founder has led investments totaling over $500 million in transaction value.
  • Transaction values from $30 to $250 million.
  • Cumulative IRR in excess of 30%.