• Make majority equity investments in middle market and lower middle market manufacturing and industrial service companies headquartered in the US or Canada.
  • DO NOT invest in retail, apparel, consumer products, businesses subject to fad or fashion, healthcare services, media, telecom, information technology, or financial services.
  • Seek a growing industry with relatively stable competitive dynamics.
  • Seek a company with an attractive and defensible market position, promising growth prospects, and positive cash flow.
  • Look for opportunities to add value – whether the company is well-run or underperforming.
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  • $20 – $200 million in enterprise value.
  • EBITDA of $4 – 25 million.
  • Equity investments of $8 – $70 million.
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  • Management teams that are open to partnering on strategic direction, organic growth initiatives, acquisitions, and operational effectiveness.
  • Willing to supplement a team with one or two executives, but do not seek to make widespread changes.
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  • We are transaction structure agnostic.
  • We focus on the industry, the company, the management team, and how we can help the company, not the transaction structure.
  • We will do management buyouts, restructurings, public to privates, refinancings, or partial to full transfers of equity from family-owned businesses.
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